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If you’re a musical theater or Broadway fan, you may have noticed a few interesting changes at New York Comic Con this year. Not only did the comic con feature new activation booths and guests, but this year also brought in a few familiar faces… from stage.

Fresh off of their Broadway debut, the cast and creative team of The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical appeared at Comic Con Thursday with “The World of Percy Jackson: From Page to Stage“.

In anticipation of opening night, many of the musical’s cast and creative team attended NYCC to speak more in depth about the ups and downs that came with adapting Percy’s journey for the stage and developing the musical from rehearsal room to national tour to the Great White Way.

Panelists included Joe Tracz (book), Rob Rokicki (music and lyrics), Stephen Brackett (direction), and cast members Chris McCarrell (Percy Jackson), Jorrel Javier, Ryan Knowles, Sarah Beth Pfeifer, James Hayden Rodriguez, Jalynn Steele, and Kristin Stokes.

Highlights of the panel was:

  • Chris getting stabbed while on stage
  • Jorrel letting his inner Percy Jackson fangirl show
  • Jalynn and Chris showcasing their mother-son relationship
  • A game of “Which god would you be the child of”?

The cast and creative team were in high spirits as they reminisced and opened up about their passion for this beloved Broadway musical. Poor Jorrel even shared with all of us about the when he got blackmailed with Percy Jackson.

Somehow I guess I was being annoying because this one boy goes ‘if you don’t shut up, I will tell you who dies (in Percy Jackson).’ I was 3rd on the library list because I didn’t have money to spend buying the book and this kid had bought the book. I shut up real quick.

Jorrel Javier “Grover”

It was truly a joy to see the cast and creative team so open with each other. It’s no wonder that their chemistry and love for the show seeps into their performances every night on stage. Though of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they had an easy time taking this beloved story from page to stage.

You know that one scene where the Minotaur comes out? They literally wrote on the script ‘good luck director’.

Stephen Brackett “Director of The Lightning Thief”

And while he may not have been the most vocal on the panel, when he did use his mic, Ryan Knowles made sure his words made an impact. In particular, when he recounted a funny story of getting stabbed by Chris aka Percy Jackson, he had not only the entire audience but also his fellow cast members laughing in stitches.

Um… Chris wasn’t the only one who’s been stabbed. I remember clearly one time we were in rehearsal and he stabs me and goes ‘oh, it didn’t hurt that badly’. I was like ”um… yes it did!! It’s a real knife!’

Ryan Knowles “Chiron & Others”

The new musical began previews Friday, September 20, at the Longacre Theatre (220 W. 48th Street) for a strictly limited 16-week holiday engagement. Opening night is Wednesday, October 16.

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