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NYCC Interview: Roundtable with TITANS Writer/Producer Greg Walker

Writer and producer Greg Walker shares with us what he found most challenging about working on DC’s TITANS.

When we sat down with Titans writer and producer Greg Walker to discuss the new DC Universe show, we realized that because the show was going to be on a paid streaming service, Walker wanted to create for fans something a bit more intense than what one may find on network TV. So as we discussed this ‘new look’, we also wanted to hear more about why he chose to focus in on the ‘brokenness’ of the Titans characters.

A lot of our audience has grown up with these characters through childhood and adolescence so we want to try and meet them where they are in their lives right now which are struggles with identity and confusion about you know, integrating darkness in life and having a kind of psychological dimension to slow them down so that they didn’t get engulfed by some big bad plot that took over any kind of sense of personality or relationship.

We then asked him how he decided what aspects to include from the comics and how they went about figuring out how to create this new and ‘grittier’ feel and who they were exactly trying to write for.

I don’t know if we really wrote towards an audience, there’s certainly a huge respect for the fans. […] But in order to do a paid service show, it was important that we give people something that couldn’t be seen on normal TV.

So it required production values that were more elevated, more cinematic, almost like trying to create more of a movie experience for television.

Lastly, we just had to know which Titans character he would choose to fight  beside, if given the choice.

Who would I want to fight beside and why? Well I’m not very strong and I got bad shoulder so I need someone to be fairly acrobatic and quick. I mean Dove’s pretty awesome but I think Robin would get me into a fight I might not get out of, he’s got a big appetite for that, so I think I’ll go with Dove. Even if we lost we’d look good doing it.

Titans is now available on the DC Universe Streaming Service.


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