NYCC WONDER WOMAN: BLOODLINES Roundtable With Mohzan Marno and Courtney Taylor

Whenever we sit down to speak with actors about their characters, we always want to know why. Why that character? With so many characters in a film or creative piece of work, there has to be something special that drew an actor to the character that they wound up portraying, right?

So during our Wonder Woman: Bloodlines round table with Mohzan Marno (Dr. Cyber) and Courtney Taylor (Dr. Poison) during New York Comic Con 2019, we delve a little bit into the fine fine line between good and evil.

There’s no denying that Dr. Cyber and Dr. Poison are evil. So we wanted to know how Marno and Taylor got into their character’s evil psyche. Obviously, in real life, they aren’t plotting revenge and evil… we hope.

For Taylor, it was a matter of tapping into not only the physical pain of her character but also the grief surrounding her character that she just could not process through.

You kind of have to figure out the logic of that person’s desires and world, and whatever they want. It objectively may seem evil but to them, it doesn’t, to them it seems right and necessary and it makes sense in the order of their private world. So you have to find that logic…. and then it’s not considered evil.

— Courtney Taylor (Dr. Poison)

As for Marno, she changed her mindset to start feeling a little bit ‘tickled by things that other people might find gruesome’.

You get all the colors of the rainbow in an evil character whereas the heroine often times […] I think the juxtaposition is what makes characters great. The heroine who has flaws, the villain who has humanity, those are the kind of things we want to see because we all sort of want that razor’s edge…

— Mohzan Marno (Dr. Cyber)

Diving further into the silver lining of good vs evil, we learned where the ladies stood in defining good vs. evil and what kind of behavior for them crossed the line.

  1. Hurting animals definitely is evil.
  2. Everyone has the capability to be evil.
  3. When you’re playing a character, you can’t be judging them.

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