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NYCC’s THE WALKING DEAD Panel Released Season 7 Sneak Peek

THE WALKING DEAD released a sneak peek of a conversation where Rick tells big bad Negan he will kill him. 

It’s the weekend of New York Comic-Con and the cast of The Walking Dead (sans Andrew Lincoln) were there to talk season 7 as well as give the fans a sneak peek of a scene from the season premiere.

So, yes, we do know that Rick is not the one who met his end by Negan’s bat, Lucille. However, according to the blood splatter from the side of Rick’s face, you can deduce that it was someone on the Rick’s right that is no longer with us.

Some people have surmised that according to amount of splatter shown at the end and from the picture below, it’s possibly someone very close to Rick’s right. If you believe that, it could be Maggie or Abraham or even Michonne. But we don’t want to speculate too much.


What we do know is that Rick usually keeps his promises. But we also know that it still doesn’t look good for Rick as he’s dragged into Negan’s trailer while Negan carries the hatchet that apparently belonged to said bashed in victim. (Who had a hatchet?)

The Walking Dead season 7 premieres on Sunday, October 23 at 9pm on AMC.


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