Nyssa Warns Laurel Of Resurrection Dangers In ARROW Clip

Nyssa gives Laurel a wake-up call in ARROW clip!

We can’t say we blame Laurel Lance for wanting her sister back on The CW’s Arrow. Laurel would do anything for her sister and even hero Oliver Queen certainly wants above putting his own sister, Thea, in the Lazarus Pit to save her from a (continued) untimely death. But in a new Arrow clip, Nyssa Al Ghul isn’t going to simply let this massive undertaking go off without some warnings.

Nyssa knows that Laurel is desperate to have her sister back, but warns her that after being dead for so long, the Sara that returns from the Lazarus Pit won’t exactly be her sister as we know and love her. Still, Laurel is determined to bring her back.

Sara’s resurrection is just another piece of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow puzzle, which will feature the character as the White Canary alongside Atom, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Firestorm, Rip Hunter, Hawkgirl, and more! The show will debut in January 2016.

Arrow Episode 3, ‘Restoration’, airs tonight on The CW.


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