Once Upon A Time Cast Rya Kihlstedt As Emma Swan’s Mentor

Rya Kihlstedt cast to play Emma Swan’s mentor in a Once Upon A Time Flashback.

Rya Kihlstedt

Seen on Heroes Reborn as one of the baddies of the show, Rya Kihlstedt is cast in Once Upon A Time as a flashback character that will show us a little more background of how the Savior came to be.

As the show moves forward in Season 5 we are still learning more about our favorite characters in Storybook. This time we get to see more into Emma’s past as we are introduced to Cleo, played by Rya Kihlstedt.

a bail bondsperson and no-nonsense woman who has pulled herself out of a rough early life and trusts her instincts above all else. The character is described as having “a tough exterior hides a strong nurturing side that isn’t often given a chance to come out.”

Sound familiar to you? It should. Cleo, we will learn, was a sort of mentor to Emma before her Storybook life. Cleo is a reflection of what Emma would have become before Henry found her.

At the 100th-episode party co-creator Eddy Kitsis stated:

“We are going to get a period in time in Emma’s life we’ve never explored before, which is before she became a bail bondsperson.”

Even though we know who our Savior is in the present, we still don’t know her whole story.

ABC’s Once Upon A Time Season 5 returns March 6!

Source: TV LIne