Once Upon A Time Casts Prince Hans and Adds ANOTHER Frozen Character

john_rhys-davies frozen

It looks like the producers are leaving nothing out (except for a certain summer-hungry snowman).

The Hollywood Reporter has released that ANOTHER ‘Frozen’ character will also make an appearance in season 4 of Once Upon A Time. John Rhys-Davies is reportedly cast as the voice of the Troll King, Pabbie. He is only known to be featured in one episode but could possibly be in others.

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Only an our after the news of John Ryhs-Davies’ casting, the OUAT ‘Frozen’ ensemble has finally found their Prince Hans. “Shameless” actor, Tyler Jacob Moore, has been cast to play the villianous prince in season 4. He will appear in the third episode of the season.

The cast has grown since we first learned about Frozen’s additional storyline, September 28th couldn’t come any faster…can’t it?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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