ONCE UPON A TIME Celebrates 100 Episodes

ABC celebrated Once Upon a Time’s 100th episode last night with a special screening of the show’s milestone episode. Before airing the episode, a sizzle reel of the past 100 episodes was shown. Watch it below:

The 100th episode airs Sunday, March 6th, but in anticipation of the episode here are a few teasers on what to expect.

♦ The premiere kicks off with one of the series’ most powerful and emotional cold opens ever, doing justice to storylines past and present.

♦ The episode is a bit Regina-centric, from both her current-day conundrum in the Underworld (Mayor Cora lays out a rather grim ground rule) to flashbacks of one of her birthdays, where a surprising someone sets out to gift-wrap for the Evil Queen the only thing she desires.

♦ A case of mistaken identity leaves one of the heroes a bit flustered.

♦ Fitting for the milestone episode, a character whom we first met in the series pilot and who has not been seen in a while resurfaces when you last expect — to great comedic effect.

♦ “Chip” puts in an appearance, sparking a flashback to a “lost” scene between Rumple and Belle.

♦ By the end of the hour, one character will experience an extreme reversal of fortune.

♦ From the first moment Underworld’s pampered overlord is revealed, it’s clear thatAlly McBeal alum Greg Germann is having a helluva good time playing Hades.

Check out some photos from Saturday’s party in the gallery below:

Celebrates 100 Episodes


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