Once Upon a Time: Red’s Untold Tale by Wendy Toliver is a fun read for anyone who is a fan of Once Upon a Time.

This book is based on Red from the ABC television series. Once’s version on Little Red Riding Hood is a unique take on the classic fairytale. Red is one of my favorite characters to ever appear on the show so I was excited to read this book. This story delves deeper into her backstory.

Red's Untold Tale

During the full moon, a time known as Wolfstime, the villagers must protect their homes from the ferocious wolves that roam the forest. Sixteen-year-old Red lives with her grandmother and helps with her failing bakery business. Red wants to fit in with her peers, but is bullied by the girls in her class no matter what she does. Her only friend seams to be Peter although lately her feelings for Peter have grown into something more.

Red had a huge heart. She doesn’t always do the right thing, but she always has good intentions. Peter is such a likable character; you just can’t help but fall in love with him. I love the relationship between Red and Peter. Theirs is a sweet story of friendship that grows into love. Granny is a bit eccentric. She and Red don’t always see eye to eye, but you know she cares deeply about Red.

One complaint I have about this book is that some plot lines in the story are left unfinished, which may confuse readers who have not watched the show. Once Upon a Time has filled most of the blanks at one time or another. However some of the plot lines don’t come to fruition even in the show. There just seamed to be a lot of scenes that had no purpose and did not need to be included in the story.

I feel like the people who will enjoy Red’s Untold Tale the most are fans of Once Upon a Time. I definitely recommend picking the book up. I especially enjoyed reading more about the relationship between Red and Peter. We didn’t get to see too much interaction between them in the show so I was really glad to see how their relationship grew from friendship to love.

Once Upon a Time: Red’s Untold Tale is on sale now.

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RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Stars 

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