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ONCE UPON A TIME Reveals Season 5 Baddie, The Dark Swan

ONCE UPON A TIME reveals The Dark Swan, a new, fierce villain with a very familiar face!

“You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain,” says The Dark Knight. But on the next season of Once Upon A Time, it also applies to The Dark Swan!

After sacrificing herself to The Darkness at the end of Season 4, Emma Swan’s base, evil instincts are all that remains. She transforms into The Dark Swan, the main villain that will haunt Storybrooke in Season 5.

Now, check out the first images of Jennifer Morrison is a true baddie for the first time in the show’s history!

dark swan

dark swan

With bleach blonde hair, a leather bodice, and those thigh-high boots, she’s definitely something to behold!

Being the powers of a Dark One manifest differently in all the characters and executive producer Edward Kitsis says Emma’s turn will be all about manipulating those who love her:

“We are going to be exploring love and what happens when you use it as a weapon and what are the things that it makes you do. In the past, we’ve said love is the most powerful magic of all. It makes you do many things you normally wouldn’t think you would.”


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