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Watch ONCE UPON A TIME’s Hilarious Season 5 Blooper Reel

ONCE UPON A TIME gets goofy in newly released gag reel!

No matter how fantastically dramatic Once Upon A Time may be, there are always a few laughs squeaking through– even if they’re behind the scenes!

ABC released a short reel stuffed with bloopers from Season 5 of the hit show, including forgotten dialogue, missed cues, loopy dances, and line jumbles so intense that the actors themselves aren’t quite sure what they were trying to say.

We’re guessing there’s even more gag reel worth giggling over in the Once Upon A Time Season 5 Blu-ray release, which is out now.

Back in June, Once Upon A Time show runners announced plans to drop half-season story arcs in Season 6, crafting a full season storyline reminiscent of the show’s earlier seasons instead. The new season will include an Aladdin arc, god of dreams Morpheus, and the famed Count of Monte Cristo.

Once Upon A Time returns to television on September 25, 2016.

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