Watch a ONCE UPON A TIME Sneak Peek of the “Awake” Episode!

Check out these sneak peeks from Sunday’s episode, “Awake,” of ABC’s ONCE UPON A TIME here!

In this sneak peek of Once upon a Time‘s upcoming episode, “Awake,” we see the group of Lost Boys finally catch up to Hook, hoping to seek vengeance for what happened to their leader Peter Pan, only to be surprised by a visit from Tiger Lily, played by Native American actress Sara Tomko.

Co-creator of the show Eddy Kitsis ensures that no romance exists between Hook and Tiger Lily: “It wasn’t romantic,” noting: “If he worked for Pan, and she clearly doesn’t like Pan, she doesn’t like Hook either!”

This wasn’t the only sneak peek released as we have one with Regina and Zelena working together to break the curse that David and Snow are under.

Watch the full episode of Once Upon a Time when it airs on ABC this Sunday at 8pm.


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