‘One Clear Call:’ A Matched Fan Fiction

I found this fan fiction written by Laura on fanfiction.net and had to share it. It’s a note written from Cassia to Ky before departing for Central. Enjoy!


I threw the miniport in the river. Not because of the Society – if they could track us, they would have found us by now – but because I don’t need to look at Xander’s microcard anymore. I figured out his secret. He must be in the Rising. Why else would you have known it, and not me?

I don’t blame you. You thought I might leave you if I knew, didn’t you? You thought being [against] the Society was the only advantage you had in my eyes. But believe me, I don’t see you that way.

I see the boy who taught me to write, who opened my eyes to the world around me, who inspired me to fight for what I believe in. Xander may be in the Rising, but he’s still the boy who wanted me to stay as I was. You challenge me to grow, to learn and to love. For that, no matter where our missions take us, the compass of my heart will always guide me back to you.

I love you.

P. S. Stay with Indie if you can. Keep safe.

Indie handed the square of paper over to Ky with a knowing, crooked smile.

“At least there’s one difference between the rising and the Society,” she remarked. “Plenty of writing materials.”

“You read it, didn’t you?”

Indie nodded with an unrepentant shrug. Ky tried to glare at her, but Cassia’s letter – in a handwriting so tiny and precise, he could hardly believe she’d learned to write only months ago – warmed him down to his toes, and he smiled instead as he sat down to eat opposite Indie.

“Keep safe, huh?” she muttered. “Naïve as always, our Cassia, isn’t she? That’ll get her in trouble one day.”

“She’s an optimist, Indie. There’s a difference.”

The former I can’t stand either, he added silently, but the latter … Without people like Cassia, who see light even in the darkest places, and something to love even in people like me … without her, the compass of my heart would have no direction.

Cassia was his evening star, his one clear call, as Tennyson’s poem said. He would count the hours until they met again.

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