The Fandom’s Post-LORD OF SHADOWS Theories

We predict what’s to come in Cassandra Clare’s QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS!

It’s been just over a month since Cassandra Clare‘s Lord of Shadows hit bookshelves. We read it in a matter of days, and we still have a lot of feelings.

Beyond our feelings, we have all these theories that just keep poking around our brains. So, to help you get through your post-Lord of Shadows trauma (and possibly to reveal just how kooky we are,) we’re sharing our theories for Queen of Air and Darkness, the third book in the series, with you!

WARNING: This post is all Lord of Shadows spoilers, so please don’t read any further unless you’ve already finished the book!

Drusilla will be a Rosales someday. Or alternatively, there are some secrets behind the Blackthorn family’s heritage.

WHY? Diego and Jaime Rosales possess a family heirloom that allows them to enter Faerie. Only the Rosales family can use it, which is why Zara wants to marry Diego for access. Drusilla touches the heirloom and is immediately transported to Faerie. Remember, time works differently in faerie, so it’s totally possible that the heirloom is sensing that in the future, Dru will be a Rosales. She definitely had a connection with Jaime and while the idea of them being together in this series is fairly squicky with their age difference, it wouldn’t be once the characters are in their 20s. Plus, there are other Rosaleseses out there too.

There’s a flip side, of course. We don’t know much about the younger Blackthorn children’s mother. Is it possible she’s a Rosales not too far down the family line and if so, can Julian through Tavvy access the heirloom?

Ash is Shadowhunter’s son, possibly a Morgenstern.

WHY? When Dru is accidentally transported into Faerie, she meets Ash who appears the be a faerie prince. He’s about thirteen, described as being “white-blond” with sharp features. He also recognizes Dru as a Shadowhunter despite being hidden away in what appears to be The Unseelie Court, and immediately asks if his mother sent her. That’s where things get wild.

Some of us follow the “time works differently in Faerie” logic and believe that Ash is Jonathan/Sebastian’s son with his longtime cohort, The Seelie Queen, simply aged up by weird time circumstances. But Valentine also had white-blond hair and partially gave Jonathan/Sebastian his looks, so the boy could be Valentine’s, too. Yet again, Ash is in The Unseelie Court and starts asking about his mother upon seeing Dru’s runes. Could he be a young Unseelie prince with a Shadowhunter mother and if so, who?

Julian will go mad… temporarily.

WHY? You can’t tease all this parabatai madness without seeing it in action! Julian is the more sensitive, overtly expressive member of the pairing and he’ll be gutted by Livvy’s death in ways that won’t affect Emma as harshly. It seems pretty likely that Julian will start to be affected by his intense love for Emma swirling with his grief into a potential hurricane of madness. We don’t think it will last, but we think it will happen and will break our hearts.

The Cohort will take over the Inquisitor’s seat

WHY? Things have to get worse before they get better. One way to inflict maximum hopelessness would be to put a bigot in Robert Lightwood’s old Inquisitor’s chair– likely Zara’s father, Horace Dearborn. As much as we want to see their crimes and lies exposed immediately, it won’t happen right away. We might even see Zara taking charge of the Los Angeles Institute, as appointed by daddy. It won’t last but man, it will pain us deeply.

The Unseelie King is attacking the warlocks’ powers

WHY? We realize that warlocks’ fading powers, seen predominantly through Magnus, is probably part of a larger set-up for Magnus and Alec’s series, The Eldest Curses. However, we still think The Unseelie King is involved. If he can get Malcolm Fade to suck the magical elements in Faerie away using the Black Volume of the Dead, certainly he can drain powers from other magical beings as well, perhaps with the help of a different warlock.

In the end, Diana Wrayburn will lead the LA Institute

WHY? Though she’s definitely scared to share her story, it would be a shame to see Diana held back from the things she really wants because of the body she was born into. We’re rooting for this character to find joy and success not only because she shouldn’t have to hide for being trans, but because she’s one of the few genuinely good people in the series who deserves advancement, love, joy, and a seat at the table as hopefully, Shadowhunters move toward a more tolerant society.

Kieran will be the next Unseelie King

WHY? It’s clear at this point that somebody needs to unseat the current Unseelie King. Though he has many sons, including an older brother Kieran would prefer for the throne, there’s only one Unseelie whose rule would truly help The Clave trust them again. Kieran has risked it all alongside Shadowhunters and will continue to do so. It could also help Kieran, Mark, and Christina resolve their relationship tensions without killing anyone off.

What are your big theories for Queen of Air and Darkness and future books in the Shadowhunters universe? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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