ORPHAN BLACK 4.01 Recap – “The Collapse of Nature”

ORPHAN BLACK S4 premiere “The Collapse of Nature” gives audiences Beth’s story!

As you would absolutely expect from Orphan Black, it all starts very creepily. A person in a sheep mask is rushing through the woods, stopping just beyond the view of a man and woman burying a body.


How she found them? We don’t know! But she’s nearly gets herself caught runs off and… BOOM! She’s another Leda clone!

When she’s safe, she makes a phone call to Beth Freaking Childs.


IT’S A BETH-PISODE, GUYS! And Dylan Bruce as back as Paul for the fun!

We have to admit that at first, we were a little thrown by the decision. There’s already so much going on with the present clones that we just wanted to get to them. But over the course of episode, it became clear that Beth’s backstory will be crucial for the season ahead!

For instance, our sheep mask clone– Mika aka MK– is a master hacker and the reason the clones discover each other. But she only thanks to Beth, so none of the other Ledas even know of her existence, despite the fact that she’s the one providing them with everything they know.


MK is Helena-esque, but not nearly as extreme. She’s shy, flighty, and she doesn’t trust anyone. We’re thinking we’ll see her with the other clones later in the season, which should be all sorts of interesting!

Meanwhile, Beth is already in touch with Cosima and Alison. In fact, the revelation is the reason Cosima initially moves up to Canada from California.


We learn that Beth had already been on a steady diet of pills since before her big investigation at work– probably since she found out about the other Leda girls. And who’s her supplier? Alison, ho has her trusty errand boy Ramone deliver them to Beth in a flower arrangement while being excitedly crazed about her new gun at home.


Back at the police station, Felix is casually hanging around after being arrested for some naughty shenanigans.


It’s a treasure trove of before-the-beginning character appearances!

BUT BACK TO THE PLOT. Beth is on the case of Mika’s discovered dead body. It all traces back to a familiar concept weaved into earlier plots: Neolution.

Naturally, she goes to the Neolution club and stirs things up.


She doesn’t meet make cooperative faces, but she does make an ally in one young, pregnant Neolutionist before her oh-so-defensive boyfriend– yes, that IS Jade Hassouné from Shadowhunters– drives Beth away.


Between the clones and the case, Beth is clearly falling apart. But there’s something else: Mike has convinced Beth that Paul is her monitor. Her paranoia and fear now encompass her home life and in a desperate moment, she tries to get Paul to prove he loves her. IT DOESN’T GO WELL.


The two seem to break up (though we know Paul comes back, mistaking Sarah for Beth later.) Beth heads to Art’s, where the TOTALLY UNEXPECTED happens!

03 orphan black season 4 episode 1 season premire collapse nature review art

We knew Art had a thing for Beth, that prepares she had feelings for him too. They cared about each other deeply, DUH. But nobody knew all this business was happening!

Things seem a little more hopeful for Beth… until she gets a call from the Neolution girl. Her boyfriend went for an experiment with some sketchy, “hardcore” types and she’s afraid he’ll be killed. So the girl leads Beth to their hideout, where Beth realizes just how gruesome Neolution can be as they tear out the boyfriend’s cheek and pull a– device? worm? creeptastic creepiness?– from his face.


Beth accidentally alerts the Neolutionists to her presence. She rans away in a hurry, hiding around the nearest corner. But we someone comes up behind her, Beth is too startled and reacts on instinct.


BAM! Here’s a fascinating detail we never would have guessed: Beth never knew Marjorie Chen was part of the Neolution and didn’t kill her for that reason. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Beth called Art and the two come up with a cover story in which Beth claims she saw a gun in the woman’s hand.

And when the situation doesn’t seem like it could get any worse? The representative from the Police Union defending her job post-murder is one of the hardcore Neolutionist she saw in the building.


Completely hopeless and with nowhere left to go, Beth turns to MK. The two try to comfort each other, but their hearts are too dark, too heavy. And in the moment, you know this is a final straw for Beth Childs.


Suddenly, we’re back in the present. A clone awakes in the middle of the night to answer her phone. It’s Sarah, getting a call from Art! And Art gives the phone to MK!

Unfortunately, she’s telling Sarah that the Neolution movement has found them and they’re coming after Sarah, Kira, and Kendall. They have to run NOW.

Aaaaaand that’s where it all leaves off. Until next week!

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