ORPHAN BLACK 4.05 Recap – “Human Raw Material”

Prepare for an influx of Krystal GIFs! The mostly clueless clone is back and causing a riot of hilarity as Cosima and Sarah both came to major conclusions of their own in Episode 5 of Orphan Black, “Human Raw Material”!

Things start off with Krystal goodness as she takes on a self-defense class. She tells her instructor all about her traumatic experience with Rudy and Seth, but makes it clear she’s not giving in to the shadows in her past or the mysteries they left behind.


After that, we’re back with Cosima, Alison, Donnie, and the Brightborn plot. They need someone to pose as a surrogate and go to the Brightborn orientation with Donnie. And despite Alison refusing to enter after Beth stirred up trouble, Cosima thinks “NBD!”


Though, in all fairness, Cosima is the clone who looks LEAST like the rest of the clones.

Sarah and Kira are spending a special family day together. They paint, they giggle, they visit Uncle Felix and all his new art around the apartment.


But of course, Felix’s biological sister, Adele, is also there. We’re just as sketched out about her as Sarah is about Adele, especially after we found out that the sibling finding site Felix used– GeneKonnection– is related to Neolution. So we cheered a bit when Sarah stole Adele’s glass and gave it to Scott for a little testing for her own.

Cosima is quick to break away from the orientation group at Brightborn and begin a haphazard investigation into exactly what they’re doing there, but things get even more complicated when another guest arrives.


Krystal! Who’s also assuming a fake identity to get into the program. Yes, Krystal the ditz has independently figured out that something’s up with Brightborn and started her own undercover investigation!

When she catches up with the group belatedly, Donnie realizes he’s in way over his head.


He runs to tell Cosima that another clone is here, but she implores him to keep Krystal busy while she hunts down the dirt on Susan Duncan and her followers.

So when Krystal sneaks off into another room and pretends she was looking to book another massage… Donnie pretends to be the masseuse on hand and obliges!


BUT Donnie isn’t the only one in an awkward situation. Art is being questioned by Detective Marty Duko, the secret Neolutionist in the department, about his connection to Alison Hendrix, who is still under investigation for the Portuguese mafia murders. He’s also quick to bring up how much Alison looks like Beth to see how much Art truly knows. It’s a subtle threat, but the message rings clear: Avoid the clone club at all costs.

However, Krystal’s introduction to the Clone Club almost seems inevitable after she brings up “the French doctor” and he automatically drops Delphine’s name. HINTS AT DELPHINE, FOLKS! We’re elated, but Krystal sees a threat and as Donnie shutters a terrible explanation, she does what she’s been trained to do!


But Neolution is keen to the fact that there’s a clone in their midst. They’re actually looking for Cosima, but security takes in Krystal as she tries to run away from Donnie.

Back at the safe house, Sarah is also having a pretty bad day. Siobhan has invited Felix and Adele over for dinner and while Sarah doesn’t love it, she sees an opportunity. She relentlessly grills Adele about Gene Konnection, making things super uncomfortable. Adele tries to play it off at first, but things get pretty ugly.


At the peak of the fight, Sarah gets a phone call. She’s so sure Scott will tell her that Adele is a phony, but then you see it: The piercing embarrassment, the intense shame.

Adele truly is Felix’s biological sister.

Kira takes Sarah into her bedroom to calm down after the incident. There, the young girl says something strange: She can feel the emotions of the different sestras and understands them deeply.


There have been lots of theories about Kira, but this suggests something BIG as an effect of Sarah’s DNA. Something exceptional. Perhaps something telepathic? We need answers!

We then go back to the real horror show, where Cosima has snuck her way into a Brightborn delivery room for one of the experimental surrogates. She’s have a rough delivery and when the baby is born, it has severe deformities. The baby is rushed out of the room right in front of Cosima’s horrified eyes just as Susan Duncan spots her.


In another part of Brightborn, Krystal has cleared up her big security issues and is just leaving when she spots a man for her nightmares: Ira the Castor Clone.


The episode unravels with Cosima have a huge confrontation with Susan Duncan, whose science and ideologies have both given and ruined the lives of the many clones. Cosima is frustrated, angry, and not afraid to point out the ways Susan has failed her. But Susan says it’s because Cosima is dying that she needs to trust in Neolution and help them get Kendall’s DNA for research.


It’s quite the dilemma for Cosima, one that will definitely be playing out soon!

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