ORPHAN BLACK 4.09 Recap – “The Mitigation of Competition”

Reluctant alliances took down a new enemy and lead to huge reveals on the latest episode of Orphan Black, “The Mitigation of Competiton”!

The episode focuses around a team-up between Neolution-bred Rachel and Sarah, who just wants to put an end to the Neolution threat all together. Giving the kidnapping, extortion, and other joyous torture the two have put each other through in the past while trying to protect their interests, it’s a pretty tense meeting between them, Felix, and Ira.


The four of them are on the trail of two “carriers” who escaped the Brightborn institute– one pregnant, one with a newborn. Their hope is that they can get the women on their side and expose Evie Cho’s ruthless methods before her genetic bots– which can both save and destroy lives at her whimsy– are released to the public.

Sarah teams up with Art to do all the footwork given Rachel’s condition, but their first stop is already leading them to bad news: At the shelter where the women spent the night, the pregnant carrier is found dead. The mother, Kendra, and her newborn have disappeared.

However, while Sarah waits, she gets an unexpected phone call. HELENA IS BACK! She’s in the middle of the woods killing deer and living in a handmade hut, but she’s back!


Sarah’s no good at hiding her frustrations, so Helena soon knows that something is up. She’s particularly concerned about the Hendrix family, who she left behind.

The Hendrixes aren’t doing super splendidly, themselves. Donnie is out of jail, but the charges against him are huge and with no decent defense, he could be spending the rest of his life in federal prison. Meanwhile, Alison continues her existential crisis.


The two continue to reach out to Adele to defend their case, but after accidentally hinting that Detective Martin Duko, who Siobhan killed in the last episode, won’t be a problem for them, they make Adele mighty suspicious.

The only person who doesn’t seem to be stirring up a fuss is Cosima, who is safely researching on “The Island of Dr. Moreau,” as the group refers to Susan Duncan’s strange residence. She’s successfully fertilized a Leda egg with Castor sperm for an ultra-weird approximation of Kendall Malone’s DNA.

She’s also meeting Charlotte, the young clone Susan created using Rachel’s DNA. She too is fascinated with Cosima’s hair.


And in those few moments, Cosima has a bit of a moral crisis all over again. Should the clones exist? How will their survival affect the natural order of the world?

She’s not the only one with questions! Just as she grows suspicious of Alison, Adele is utterly shocked when Helena strolls into Felix’s apartment– foreign, very pregnant, and identical to Sarah and Alison (at least, in her facial features.) Adele knows there are some dark secrets there and she’s ready to take on both Felix and Helena…


…Even though Helena is an assassin who could wipe the floor with her in about two seconds.

Felix breaks it up and gets Helena to walk away, after which he does something extremely difficult. He sends Adele away, letting her know that despite their biological relationship, it’s probably best that they don’t share in each others’ lives too much.

Adele then gives us the after-school special line that is the moral of Felix’s journey this season:


Meanwhile, Sarah and Art have found Kendra, the Neolution carrier on the run. She gives them her top secret video of Evie Cho killing a deformed infant and introduces them to her son, who was born blind, but is still weary enough to refuse their help.

Rachel is all up in Sarah’s case from the safety of the hotel room.


When Neolution comes a-knocking on Kendra’s doorstep, Sarah and Art are able to take them down. But it’s Rachel and Ira who ultimately capture Kendra by threatening the life of her older son, who she believed to be safely hidden away.


Nelotuion is on the Hendrixes tail, too. The family tried to plan a quick getaway to Niagara Falls to get away from the insanity of lawyers and evil plots, but Frank has found them. He’s willing to put a bot in Alison’s cheek just to get answers on Sarah’s location. Thankfully, an old ally shows up just at the right moment!


Heads up– Helena is not Katniss Everdeen and puts an arrow through this dude’s neck without blinking!


Anything to save the Hendrixes after they supported her through the beginning of her pregnancy, especially her “baby ox”!


With Kendra in custody, Rachel goes to Evie Cho with a deal just before her major press conference meant to expand Brightborn and introduce her genetic bot technology. She’ll give Kendra to Evie, so long as Neolution gives her a place at the table. They discuss Evie’s ruthlessness and ability to kill babies who aren’t genetically superior with a type of awe and pride in her work.

What Evie doesn’t realize until mid-way through her press conference is that Rachel taped the whole conversation, then sent it out to every major news network alongside Kendra’s video of a baby being euthanized at BrightBorn.


Don’t try to out-evil Rachel Duncan, folks. It just can’t be done!

Even Sarah, who has been in a rage about Rachel’s underhanded plan, is impressed.


With Evie Cho under fire, Rahcel can focus on other things. Like the weird visions in her Neolution eye. As they come on stronger, she begins to recognize something about the visions. They’re on the island and they seem to be a sign.


But who could be sending Rachel signals through her Neolution programming?

The shot changes.

It’s a rickety, oddly-furnished cabin. A woman with fabulous blonde her sitting at a desk…

Only one person has hair that wonderful on this show!

We know it’s her but still, we squeal when she turns…



We’re officially sure the season finale will kill us, now!

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