ORPHAN BLACK and Clone Club to Meet Up at Comic-Con

Orphan Black will return with Clone Club to meet up at Comic-Con! 

Last year, the cast of Orphan Black came to Comic-Con in a formal panel at the Convention Center.  But they went beyond that to do a #CloneClub fan meetup as well, and many fans go to see their favorite clone, Tatiana Maslany, up close and personable.  So, with the success of the show and the amazing support of its fans, they will return to with the Clone Club to meet up at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego during Comic-Con weekend.


As you can see, it’s in the guise of celebrating Alison’s victory!  It’s an all ages event and you don’t need a Comic-Con badge to attend, but it is first come, first served, so get there early because it’s going to be a packed house!

There’ll be all kinds of activities to do – take pictures with your friends at Fee’s photo booth, get a temporary (at least, I think it’s temporary) tattoo at Seestra’s Tattoo Station, and get your own eye patch!

Sounds like a place you’d want to do some dancing in, too!

Source: Deadline