ORPHAN BLACK Creators Talk Season 2 Finale and Future Direction of the Show

Show creators, John Fawcett and Graeme Manson,  sat down for a Q&A with Entertainment Weekly concerning the season finale of Orphan Black, which if you watched, you’ll know had a number of jaw-dropping revelations! They also hint at a few details of season 3 — which isn’t officially a go yet– like Rachel’s fate. It’s definitely worth a read.  And, obviously, spoilers ahead!


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start with the big twist at the very end. Tell me how and when you came upon the decision to add a group of male clones, one of which we have already met as Mark the Prolethean?

JOHN FAWCETT: The genesis for that was between season 1 and 2. There had been a lot of discussion about introducing male clones in season 2, and honestly the decision to have Mark be the male clone was something that we arrived at kind of as we were getting into the beginning of season 2, once we had started shooting and we had Ari in as Mark. What’s interesting about this is that Ari Millen is a really talented guy and he’s someone that we had brought in as this new Prolethean character, and we had planned to kill him in episode 6. And after he did some significantly great work for us in the early get-going of the season we started to focus our eyes on him as very strong potential for our male clone, and that’s kind of how that happened.

FAWCETT: We didn’t tell him until the season finale.

GRAEME MANSON: Yeah, I phoned him before we started rolling on episode 210 and I said, “Are you sitting down?

FAWCETT: We let him know just before we put out scripts for episode 210. Graeme called him, which was a big surprise to him. We were keeping that under wraps to everyone.

MANSON: But it’s important to note that he won the role, because we really liked what he was doing. We like him, we like the dimension that he brought to the Mark character, and it made a lot of sense to us story-wise because the end looped back to the beginning again, and we like that sort of structure.

EW: When you say you were originally going to kill him in 206, had you figured out how he was going to die? Was Helena going to kill him?

FAWCETT: Actually, it was going to be Paul, We had the scenes with Paul and Mark at the bar together while Helena is dancing with Jesse and the continuation of the two handlers was going to be a clash of two killers against each other outside of Duncan’s house, and Paul was going to kill Mark. That was up in the original boards and the plans for episode 6 at the beginning of the season, and then Ari kept doing these great scenes and we just couldn’t kill him.

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