ORPHAN BLACK Executive Producers Talk About The Newest Clone

When Orphan Black returns for its fourth season, we will be introduced to a new clone, also played by Tatiana Maslany. The new addition goes by the name of M.K. and has vital information for the clones. Co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson spoke about the newest clone in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, gentlemen: What can you say about this new clone?
GRAEME MANSON: Her name is M.K. A mysterious name for a mysterious character.
JOHN FAWCETT: We’re excited about this new character because it really has been fun unpacking and unveiling this story of this slightly traumatized clone who has a deep past.
MANSON: Yeah, she comes out of the shadows and for the first time we’re meeting someone who knows more than us. Sarah is meeting a clone who has got more answers than she does, and yet she’s a slippery character.
FAWCETT: And very elusive. And quite highly skilled and very smart. And it is interesting as Sarah tries to interact with this character who is almost kind of like a Deep Throat kind of character. What’s very cool about it is this is a clone who has been self-aware for some time.
MANSON: Yeah, for longer than any of us.
FAWCETT: And is helpful in some ways to Sarah, but there is a little bit of a dangerous side to M.K. as well. So she is this really fun new character that we’re going to see in season 4.

And when you say she’s a little mysterious is this due to the fact that doesn’t trust anyone, or is it because her intentions and motivation are a little unclear, or is it both?
FAWCETT: It’s a little bit of both. She’s very paranoid. She’s very security conscious. She knows more than Sarah does so she knows how dangerous the whole thing is. She’s purposefully avoided contact with the sisters to keep herself safe, and Sarah is now trying to draw her out of the shadows and trying to utilize the information that she has so that Sarah can follow her own mystery and fill in the blanks and protect Alison and protect Cosima from Neolution. But this girl is very unwilling.
MANSON: Yeah, she’s a reluctant source.

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If you haven’t caught the Season 4 teaser yet watch it here below:

Newest Clone

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