ORPHAN BLACK Gives A Closer Look At New Clone In Latest Trailer

ORPHAN BLACK Season 4 trailer explodes with new details!

The suspense and drama of Orphan Black is back in a new Season 4 trailer!

Set to a techno beat, this trailer is revealing plenty of details we didn’t see previously including Helena posing at Alison to check in on her baby, Felix getting himself into some trouble with a secret side plan, a hint that Delphine might not be dead, and a few words from the clone behind the sheep mask–whose name is still a mystery– hinting at where she’s been!

While Krystal, who was introduced at the tail end of last season, is an entity all her own, this new clone reminds us a bit of her seestras. She’s got Sarah’s hair with Alison’s bangs, plus Helena’s translucent skin. She also doesn’t have an accent, suggesting that she’s also local to the area.

The 10-episode season will premiere on April 14th as part of BBC America’s new Thursday night line-up. The fourth season will primarily follow the seestras journey as Sarah returns from Iceland to discover the clones secret origin and stop the organizations that hope to use or destroy them.

Newest Clone orphan black season 4

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