ORPHAN BLACK Offers Up Closer Look At Alison in Season 3, Castor Clones’ “Purpose”

ORPHAN BLACK’s “We Have A Purpose” teaser shows the war between Castor and Leda beginning!

Everyone is officially starting to take sides in the battle of the ORPHAN BLACK clones!

Check out the trailer for Episode 4 of the hit BBC America thriller titled “We Have A Purpose”. In the trailer, Gracie is introduced to her captive lifestyle after she’s separated from Mark, Helena finds a new Castor clone, and Sarah has a troublesome run-in with Rudy and a very desperate Mark.

On top of the episode teaser, ORPHAN BLACK has released a new look into Season 3 overall. This one focuses on sassy soccer mom Alison with Tatiana Maslany and Kristian Bruun, who plays Alions husband, Donnie.

“We Have A Purpose” airs this Saturday, May 8th on BBC America.