ORPHAN BLACK Season 3 Episode 9 Trailer, “Poisons Are Purple”

Hope is almost lost in the latest ORPHAN BLACK trailer for Episode 9, “Poisons are Purple”.

Things aren’t exactly looking up for the Seestras (or their brothers) in ORPHAN BLACK episode 9 trailer for “Poisons are Purple”. With many problems ahead and few answers in sight, there’s quite a bit that the thrilling drama will have to solve in its last two episodes. Or, you know, they could just leave us with another major cliffhanger!

In the “Poisons are Purple” trailer, Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S head out on a trip in hopes of finding the original Castor genome, Rudy’s condition deteriorates at a rapid pace, and Cosima seeks some answers from Delphine.

A second, more revealing trailer has also found its way online, featuring Maria Doyle Kennedy aka Mrs. S belting out a song. But beware, there’s also some things that could be considered a bit spoiler-y.

The actress discussed the tune and where you can grab it after the show:

ORPHAN BLACK will air Saturday at 9pm on BBC America.