ORPHAN BLACK Season 3 Finale Trailer Is “History Yet To Be Written”

The ORPHAN BLACK Season 3 finale, “History Yet To Be Written,” promises action, tension, and harsh reveals.

It’s hard to believe that Season 3 of ORPHAN BLACK is already coming to an end! After tomorrow’s episode titled “History Yet To Be Written,” we’ll be waiting about a year for more Clone Club excitement.

Still, let’s fangirl about what’s to come, as the season finale is looking really, really intense! It shows Sarah and Felix confronting Mark and Gracie, Kendall Malone (aka Mrs. S’ mom!) beginning her testing and scrutiny as the Castor/Leda original, Ferninand from Topside stirring up trouble, and Delphine growing suspicious of “Rachel” and her coma.

It seems like there will definitely be some major discoveries in this episode and as usual, we suspect it will end with a major cliffhanger!

“History Yet To Be Written” airs tomorrow night, June 20th, at 9pm EST on BBC America.

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