ORPHAN BLACK Season 4 Finale Recap – “From Dancing Mice To Psychopaths”

The Orphan Black Season 4 finale recap is upon us! “From Dancing Mice To Psychopaths” offered us a huge reunion and hopes for the future, but it also gave us major new issues to consider. Let’s dive right in!

The Season 4 finale began at the end of the Season 3 finale– With Delphine getting shot. This time, we’re seeing it from a different perspective: Krystal’s. She witnessed Detective Duko shooting Delphine and just as he went in to finish her off, Krystal’s cell phone rang and directed him away. Screeching tires soon followed and Duko bolted. A mystery man jumps out of a black panel van and begins working to save Delphine, calling out Krystal by name.

Months later, Krystal recognizes that man’s face on television. He’s Dr. Van Leer, the new temporary CEO of Brightborn. So of course, she goes to visit the special agent investigating the case.


Krystal is getting awfully feisty and desperate for some real answers, so Felix takes her to the basement of Rabbit Hole Comics where Art waits with Sarah. He explains that Sarah is her clone, her genetic identical.

One problem: Krystal isn’t having ANY of that.


She casually tosses aside the clone bombshell as nonsense and shares Van Leer’s part in the obvious cosmetics company conspiracy.

After, we see Van Leer among the Neolution board members as they confront Evie Cho. She refuses to sign over her technology or her company in a rage, which leads Neolution to do what Neolution does best. Van Leer takes her out of the picture.


Meanwhile, Rachel is trying to get back IN the picture. Her lover Ferdinand has come back to join her for the next piece of the Neolution action, even though she doesn’t seem entirely willing to include him. Still, she’s plenty willing to relive some old kinks with him…

…Until they get interrupted by Ira, who has some anxiety issues over Rachel and Ferdinand’s escapades in bed.


Krystal wants answers about what’s really going on, but she’s taking a new approach. She confronts Van Leer at an impromptu press conference outside Brightborn and convinces him to meet her around the corner, where Siobhan is waiting with a gun in hand.

They get Van Leer into their truck at which point you realize… OH HAI, THAT’S SARAH IN A WIG! Oh, clones!

Just as Felix and Art reach Rachel’s temporary home and find this situation…


…Van Leer informs Sarah and Siobhan about what they missed while they were busy tracking him down. He works for neither Evie, Susan, nor Rachel, the latter of which has convened the Neolution board in a new press for power.

Rachel tells them that she plans to take charge, restarting human cloning, AND incorporate Evie’s bots into it. That if they want to see if the clones can survive and thrive on Neolution technology alone, to see “if the lab rats can grow back their tails…”


To what means? We’re not really sure. Are we back to the creating the perfect human being bit again? Either way, Rachel’s got Neolution on her side.

Rachel heads back to Susan Duncan’s island on a mission to cut some loose ends, but Sarah is right behind her. The island is unreachable and she needs to save Cosima and her research. She’s also taking into account that she’s the only clone who seems fully immune to the disease destroying them, so there are larger implications.


In a heartbreaking moment, Sarah Tells Mrs. S that she can’t come along, because someone needs to take care of Kira. The unspoken end to the sentence– “in case something happens to me”– is definitely implied and hangs heavily upon them both.

As she heads out, Sarah checks in with Alison and Donnie, who have been hiding out with Helena since Neolution attack on their home. They think it’s safe to return home now that Neolution has ended Evie Cho’s anti-clone mission and they’re taking a very pregnant Helena back with them.


At Susan’s compound, young Charlotte finds Cosima locked away. She tells Cosima that Rachel is back and at Susan’s behest, they need to leave and get on a boat at the docks quickly and quietly. Is Rachel planning to go after the other clones?

Cosima and Charlotte do leave, but only after witnessing a harsh argument between Rachel and Susan, in which Susan says Rachel’s visions encouraging her to kill her mother are coming from the creator of Neolution himself, who is still alive and out there. It all ends in a little stabby-stabby.


Don’t worry– Susan’s not quite dead yet. When Sarah arrives at the compound, she follows the trail of blood to find Susan trying to stitch her own wounds with a medical kit. Sarah tries to get the lowdown on Rachel going mad and what she intends to do, but she never gets the chance.


In the next few moments, it becomes clear that Rachel really is off the rails. She doesn’t just have deep-seated mommy issues. She’s out for blood and revenge and power, no matter who she takes out along the way. Rachel is a genuine villain now.


Sarah gets the worst of the gruesome battle, but she does manage to get away. She limps and drags herself back to the beach where helicopters land on the island and gives Siobhan a call. Unfortunately, Ferdinand picks up instead. He’s got Siobhan and Kira at gunpoint.

Inside the house, Rachel patches up Susan and leaves her locked in the same room that Susan kept her locked in during the beginning of the season. Poetic justice.


Things aren’t looking all too spectacular for Cosima or Charlotte, elsewhere. They got lost on the way to the boat docks and cuddled together, they fall asleep in the frozen woods. They would probably have died of hypothermia, but then a wonderful thing happens.

The mysterious man from Rachel’s visions finds them in the woods. He takes them back to his camp. Among the chaos, a bright, long-sought face awaits.



Cosima is hypothermic and not too aware as Delphine strips down to preserve her body temperature (this isn’t just random sexytimes, it’s actual medical fact that skin-to-skin contact helps!) But when she comes around, Delphine is chatting with “The Messenger,” he’s already warning her that they’ll be separated again. We don’t get the impression that Delphine’s going to let that happen without a fight!

When Cosima and Delphine finally talk and kiss some more (YAY!), Cosima shares her really big news: She discovered the cure and even though we all thought Rachel got it, Cosima took it with her before she left.



Despite the good news, Delphine warns Cosima to keep it quiet. Apparently this Neolutionist faction doesn’t want Cosima’s cure to exist because it’s also the sequence needed to create new clones… We think?

Season 4 ends with new predicaments and a fair amount of questions, but there’s also a new sense of direction and purpose as Orphan Black dives into its final season!

See you next season, sestras!

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