ORPHAN BLACK Season 4: See The First Photos, New Featurettes

ORPHAN BLACK gets shocking in first Season 4 photos!

Orphan Black is back next month and everyone is in a mild state of shock. No, really! Just look at the first images released!

Besides Art, who looks relatively calm while cuddled up with his daughter (who knew he had one of those?!) and Felix, who’s got a hot date, everyone appears to be at least slightly distressed in this character images. And how can blame them? There’s always a threat to Sarah Manning and her clone “seestras,” so it’s definitely hard to relax.

Take a look!


On top of these amazing new stills,– Seriously, we pretty much live for that Alison photo now!– BBC America has also released new featurettes with Tatiana Maslany hyping up what’s to come with clips thrown in the mix!

First, Tatianna talks about our new clone, which is a sly reference to Dolly the Sheep, the first animal to be cloned. However, there’s also some other meanings behind the mask to consider!

Among a clip montage that mainly focuses in on the seestras posing as one another, Maslany also talks about each clone coming into their own and finding their place insane action that is life as a regulated, hunted clone.

Orphan Black
Season 4 begins April 14, 2016 on BBC America.

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