ORPHAN BLACK Season 4 Teaser Goes Bionic

Who’s behind the eye in the ORPHAN BLACK Season 4 Teaser?

The first Orphan Black Season 4 trailer introduces a new mystery for fans to simmer over for the next few months until its return: Who is this latest victim of the Neolution?

The teaser features no spoken words, only a bit a heavy breathing and one chilling visual, but it’s intense enough to put any fan of the show on edge.

After discovering that Rachel was in the hands of the Neolutionists (and her mother, who was assumed dead long ago) with a new bionic eye to replace the one she lost at the end of Season 2, it’s easy to assume that the panicked person featured in the teaser is indeed Rachel.

orphan black season 4

But it may be too obvious. Orphan Black likes its twists and turns, after all!

Fan theories include the other clones falling victim to the Neolution, but even more popular is the idea (or wild hope, perhaps) that the eye belongs to Delphine, meaning she did not die in the Season 3 finale after all. When we first met Delphine, she was a young follower of the Neolution– though she wasn’t fully aware of their schemes.

Unfortunately, it will be quite a while before we get any definite answers. Orphan Black Season 4 won’t return until April 2016.

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