ORPHAN BLACK Showrunners Hint at Project Castor’s Agenda

Project Castor’s male clones are a new threat to Orphan Black’s Clone Club

Season two of Orphan Black ended with **spoiler** Helena being handed over to the military, and an introduction to male clone, Rudy, who looked less than stable when we first see him.  According to the actor who portrays him, Ari Millen — who we first meet playing Mark in the series — the first impression we get it correct. “He likes to get under people’s skin,” Millen claims,  “he will just pick at you until you blow up and he’s won.”  Executive producer John Fawcett echos this thought.  “It’s pretty clear there’s a military angle to Castor. Rudy is a threat to the sisters. Rudy is a dangerous character who is very, very smart and very ruthless. The guy has seen some action. He’s a trained fighter, likely by the military.”

In addition to these threats, a few new characters have been added to the mix.

From EW:

James Frain’s new character, Ferdinand—a well-educated “cleaner” for a secretive political faction—hails from that other mysterious organization. “He plays a really amazing, scary guy that’s come in from Topside,” Fawcett said. “He’s a very dangerous threat to our girls.”

Speaking of new characters, Justin Chatwin’s savvy drug-dealer Jason Kellerman is actually someone from Alison’s past. “He kind of is an old high school flame of Alison’s, gets in the way a little bit and causes some issue between Donnie and Alison,” Fawcett said.

As we know, things are never easy for main clone, Sarah (TatianaMaslany) and it doesn’t look like season three is going to be any kinder to her with the added threats as she tries to reunite her sisters and bring Helena home.  Season three starts back up on April 18th on BBC America!