“Orphan Is The New Black” In ORPHAN BLACK 4.08 Previews, Photos

ORPHAN BLACK’s Neolution intimidation campaign continues as Donnie heads to jail!

Orphan Black Season 4 may have just added in a prison story for the sake of an Orange Is The New Black zinger, and we wholeheartedly approve! We’ll see how it all plays out in Episode 8, “The Redesign of Natural Objects.”

Sarah has recovered from her struggles following Kendall Malone’s death, but Neolution is starting to intimidate and blackmail the sestras, starting by putting Alison’s husband Donnie in jail for drug trafficking. The extra tension sure isn’t helping Cosima work on a cure for their fatal condition. Will the sestras be able to keep it together?

As Alison is terrified by Neolution threats made against Donnie, Sarah and Mrs. S question her loyalty to her sestras. While Sarah is distracted, Siobhan sneaks out to seek vengeance. Meanwhile, Cosima and Susan Duncan work together in a final attempt to discover a cure.

In a new clip, we discover that Alsion has hired Felix’s biological sister, Adele, to be their lawyer– which maaaay not be the wisest decision considering that Adele could barely manage to stand straight in most of her previous scenes. But Adele may not be the Hendrixes biggest problem as Donnie is being eyed by a mysterious fellow inmate. A member of the Portuguese mafia, perhaps?

Additionally, check out several photos from “The Redesign of Natural Objects” featuring more of Donnie in jail, Duko going after another clone, and a few touching moments between Sarah and Cosima.


“The Redesign of Natural Objects” airs tonight on BBC America.

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