Our Top 5 Moments We’re Looking Forward To in CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE

Last week, we gave you our Top 5 Favorite Scenes from each of the previous books from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments Series.  And we are right at the threshold of being able to get our hands on the final book of the series!  But it’s not in our hands yet!

So, to try to get a clearer perspective on what’s to come, we’ve compiled our Top 5 “moments” we basically can’t wait to read about in City of Heavenly Fire.  These aren’t really scenes, per se since we haven’t read the book yet, but things/moments/resolutions we want to find out about.

 WARNING: spoilers for those who have not read The Infernal Devices trilogy or City of Lost Souls.


1. The Blackthorn family

If you’ve been keeping track of all the #TMITuesday releases, than you’ll know that the Blackthorn kids, as well as Emma Carstairs, are a major focus in the Prologue of City of Heavenly Fire.  We’ve already met Helen and Julian in the beginning of City of Lost Souls, and you get to learn a little more about some of the other kids, including Mark and Tiberius Blackthorn.  As far as if they’ll be more involved in the final chapter of The Mortal Instruments, probably only briefly as we will learn all we can about them in their own upcoming series, which takes place 5 years after the events in TMI.  But still, given that, I wouldn’t mind a little more tidbits on these Shadowhunters de Angelenos.


2. Jace’s Heavenly Fire

Jace has fire in him.  I mean, he’s literally hot.  Hot enough to burn Brother Zachariah by simple touch.  This is a problem for obvious reasons.  Sure, it’s an interesting kind of weapon to have, I suppose.  But c’mon, now he can’t even hug anyone for any prolonged amount of time!  Of course, we know that somewhere along the line, this goes away.  We just want to know how, and what this means for Shadowhunters in general.  And yes, we want to know how this affects one particular Silent Brother as well.


3. The Two Weddings

Cassie already stated there were going to be two weddings that will take place in this book.  We have our speculations (or well thought-out hypotheses) on which two couples this is regarding.  Still, it’s more wonderful to read it through.  (Jem & Tessa, please!)


4. The Final Battle / Who survives

Cassie writes some really great battle scenes, and surely, the one in this book will be no exception. There will certainly be exciting moments of triumph, terrifying times of despair, and unspeakable amounts of sorrow and morning, which I’m sure we’ll all be feeling in the days, and possibly weeks, that follow our completion of reading the book.
But there’s also that sense of relief that we now know which ones survived the battle. Albeit, it might not be a great sense of relief, given how much we’ve grown to love the characters, and would hate to see any of them go so tragically (and it will be traffic, I highly anticipate).
Still, there will be survivors, and we can rejoice in that. Which brings me to my final point…


5. The Ships

Of course, we can’t imagine not including this major topic of conversation in our list.  Who will still be together by the time all this is through?  Part of this depends on the previous point on our list.  Certainly, death can cause couples to split apart, though involuntarily.  Then there’s the fact that some of the couples in the series will simply just break-up and not get back together, which is sad but a realistic part of life, even for a Shadowhunter (Cassie has stated that will be the case for at least one couple, sadly). It doesn’t make it any easier to deal with when it’s a ship that you love.
We all have our hopes on which ones will move on to live a life of happiness (as much as a Shadowhunter can, at least) with the one they love. It can be certain we won’t see happy endings for all our favorites. We can only hope for the best for those that do get it.

And with that, that’s what we can get after reading this series. Despite all the woes, the pain, the despair, the struggle, there remains hope. We’ve gotten to this point because we’ve gotten to be a part of these characters lives and we’ve grown with them, laughed with them, cried with them, and essentially welcomed them into our lives. And now it’s time to see them off, with hope for the better for them, wherever they may be.

I, too, hope that we come away learning a little more about ourselves and how we could be a better person. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through reading this series, as well as her previous series, The Infernal Devices, it’s that love and hope triumph, but it’s so much better when you strive to give that to other people. Well, that, and Shadowhunters look better in black than pretty much anyone.

So, I say this with bittersweetness: Ave atque vale, Jace, Clary, Simon, Isabelle, Alec, Magnus. Ave atque vale, Jocelyn, Luke, Maryse, Robert. Ave atque vale, Jordan, Maia, Raphael, Brother Zachariah.

It has been a great and wild ride! Until our next great adventure, fare thee well, Shadowhunters!

(All images by Cassandra Jean)

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