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OUTLANDER 2.02 Recap – “Not In Scotland Anymore”

We’re back to recap the second episode of Outlander Season 2, “Not In Scotland Anymore”! And while the episode title is kind of weak, the episode itself definitely has some interesting moments.

It starts right away with addressing an issue that should have been covered more thoroughly in the premiere, in our opinion: Jamie’s trauma following his assault at the hands of Black Jack Randall. He’s having vicious dreams leading back to that night throughout the episode and Claire, unable to truly understand it all, does her best to reassure him that Jack Randall is dead.


*sigh* Famous last words, amirite?

It’s because of Jamie’s nightmares that Claire makes her first real venture out into Paris, to an apothecary owned by none other than Master Raymond! Dominique Pinon’s portrayal of the character– a mix of smug and strange, curious and slightly unsettling– was just as we’d hoped.

Claire quickly learns that Raymond has heard all about her from Le Comte St Germain, who he also considers an enemy. Since the enemy of my enemy is my friend, Claire has a new ally in town!


Jamie’s also got a mission of his own after his cousin Jared pulls through: He’s got a meeting with Bonnie Prince Charlie… in a brothel.

It quick becomes clear that Prince Charles is childish, spoiled, and completely clueless when it comes to his own culture. In fact, he’s never even been to Scotland.


Historically speaking, it’s hard to know if this is accurate or not, but Charles was never really hailed as a great man or a great strategist– other than, of course, his escape from Scotland in the months after Culloden.

Jamie lies to Charles and tries to make it seem like the Scottish people won’t be ready for a rebellion for years, despite the fact that his own clan has been building up money and supplies for ages. Charles is immediately suspicious and accuses Jamie of trying to subvert his plans. OH GOOD.

Thankfully, Jamie can fast talk his way outta things!


Still, Charles is convinced that it’s his divine right to be king. ASAP! He gives Jamie a mission: Get the French Ministry of Finance, Monsieur Duvernay, on their side. Now Jmaie just needs to find a way it’s the French court.

Lucky for him, Master Raymond isn’t the friend Claire’s made. She’s also hanging around with the vulgar and delightful Louise de Rohan and her new charge, a young teen named Mary Hawkins who is absolutely mortified by Louise’s loud, naked French-ness.


Louise invites them to the French court and Claire gets some big, busty proper French attire, much to Jamie’s chagrin. He’s like to keep that hidden away at home, plzkthx!


But the heat’s on Jamie instead of Claire once they reach the court because THIS HAPPENS.


Who is that, you ask? Annalise de Marillac, a woman who Jamie once had a terrible crush on. It was so bad that Jamie dueled another man for her hand, but she chose his opponent instead. Years later, her husband has died and it seems she’s allllll about Jamie again. Naturally, Claire didn’t know a thing about any of this.


Annalise is good for something, though. She gets Jamie in for an audience with the king. Of course, an audience with the king in those days meant hanging around while he dressed and… well…


Awkwardly, Jamie makes himself an ally of sorts by making some digestive suggestions. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Claire has found Monsieur Duvernay, but he thinks her intentions are in him specifically. He tries to sex her up. And where does that lead him?



Afterward, everyone is rather apologetic. Claire and Jamie begrudgingly befriend the finance minister and even the king. Everything seems pretty okay!

..And then the Duke of Sandringham shows up.

He’s oh-so-very-sorry his gave that letter to Jack Randall and ruined Jamie’s chance at freedom– but not really. In fact, he’s employed Black Jack’s younger brother, Alexander Randall.


Alex has MOAR NEWS! Black Jack is still alive.

Suddenly, Claire and Jamie’s life is officially going to hell. Claire doesn’t tell Jamie quite yet but oh, he’ll find out. It’s bad vibes all around as this episode ends.

Until next week!