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OUTLANDER 2.03 Recap – “Useful Occupations and Deceptions”

Jamie’s mission was threatened and Claire found a new purpose in the last episode of OUTLANDER!

Outlander is back and all about the political intrigue with a healthy dose of child thieves and puppies in Episode 3, “Useful Occupations and Deceptions”!

Jamie and Claire are on two very different levels at the start of this episode. Jamie has just spent the whole night sucking up to Prince Charles at the royal’s favorite brothel, but he’s only home for a moment to change before running out to run the wine business, court some politics, and hit the brothel once again. He’s not totally thrilled about it.


Meanwhile, Claire is feeling particularly useless, forced the hide out among the ladies. During yet another bridge game, a young, hopeless Mary Hawkins makes it obvious that she doesn’t know anything about sex, giving Claire a bit of entertainment.


But then it dawns on Claire: She knows Mary Hawkins’ name because Mary is the future wife of Black Jack Randall, ancestor to Frank. Suddenly, her guilt about concealing the truth about Randall from Jamie swells up. Catching Murtagh with her maid when she gets home doesn’t help!


Claire and Murtagh get in quite the tiff, but eventually, Claire breaks down, apologizes, and tells Murtagh that Randall is still alive. He agrees that Claire’s doing the right thing by keeping it from Jamie, who will definitely lose his cool and risk his life to destroy his enemy. They agree to keep the secret together.


Murtagh’s shenanigans with the maid lead Claire to Master Raymond’s, where the Le Comte St. Germain is hanging about and things are looking very foreboding…


But once Le Comte is gone, Master Raymond helps give Claire some purpose: He directs her to the local charity hospital, which is in desperate need of some medical talents. Claire goes their right away with her escort, Murtagh, who doesn’t think Jamie will be too happy about all this.


Jamie is not happy that Claire is happy. For starters–


He’s also completely devastated after Prince Charles revealed to him that he’s secured most of the funds for his rebellion and Monsieur Duvernay is actually interested in contributing the rest if it means an alliance between Britain and France. His emotions crash down on him all at once, leading him and Claire to have quite the argument.

Jamie goes back to Madame d’Elise to drown his sorrows in drink when he sees a young boy pick-pocketing the patrons and gets an idea as to how he can discover the prince’s English patrons.


Wee Fergus definitely sticks out like a thumb in their upper class home, but he’s quite the asset!

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The plan works like this: Fergus steals letters from the prince’s couriers. Jamie and Murtagh copy said letters. Fergus returns them before anyone knows the difference.

There’s only one issue: The letters are in a code and no one can crack it… until one letter comes with some strange music attached. Jamie turns to Claire’s boss over at the charity hospital (where she continues to work despite his worries,) Mother Hilegarde. She’s got the world’s most adorable medical dog, Bouton…


…And she’s also quite the expert in music and recognizes the song right away.


However, the key is different in the piece Jamie presents. Then they know: The key is the key.

Unraveling the code, they read a message from one of Charles’ big patrons and quickly realize who it is.


But there’s trouble. In the letter, Sandringham says he’ll be back in Paris with his assistant at the end of the month. If Jamie meets with Sandringham to dissuade him from helping Charles, he’ll most definitely find out that Black Jack is still alive. Murtagh tries to convince Claire to tell Jamie, but she just doesn’t have the heart to do so.


We’ll tune back in next week when that will surely blow up in her face! See you then!