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OUTLANDER 2.04 Recap – “La Dame Blanche”

OUTLANDER brings secrets and devious plans together in “La Dame Blanche”!

It’s time to admit something: In the first three episodes of the second season, Outlander didn’t always feel like its old self. After the big reveal and mystery in the premiere, the story fell into planning and building up social prowess all while Jamie and Claire’s relationship felt strained. Thankfully, we’re feeling a little more hopeful after watching “La Dame Blanche.”

This episode wasn’t as focused on the awkward dinner party as we’d hoped and thank goodness!

It all started off with life in Paris continuing on as normal. Jamie is playing chess with Monsieur Duvernay once again, but this time, Claire is there. When asked about it by their companion, we learn that Jamie and Claire suck at baby names. They clearly haven’t even discussed it.


Perhaps they would have had more time to think about it for Claire didn’t suffer some dramatic symptoms and needs to be carried out by Jamie. It was an attempt at poisoning, but it wasn’t actually poison. The next day, Claire goes straight to Master Raymond, knowing he sells fake poisons that only produce the symptoms. But Raymond has only sold that to a servant recently, so he has no idea how it behind the attack. The Frasers suspect Le Comte St. Germain.

While recovering, Claire divulges her big secret to Jamie: Black Jack Randall is still alive. Annddd… Jamie is thrilled. Weird response, right? But no! Jamie is absolutely enthralled with the idea that he can now kill Jack Randall himself.

Once recovered, Claire has a visit with Louise de Rohan, who divulges a secret: She’s pregnant, thanks to an affair, and she’s terrified that her husband will find out and shame her. Claire convinces her to convince her husband that the baby is his.


Things even weirder for The Frasers when Jamie comes home and tries to seduce Claire, but she discovers he’s already got hickeys from somebody else. A *cough* worker at the local brothel, to be exact. She tried to seduce Jamie and he briefly let her, just to see if he could muster up his libido. In doesn’t go over well with Claire, who thinks Jamie is suggesting he needs a hooker to get hot and bothered.


The argument is the big blowout the couple really needs in which Claire confronts Jamie for not being present and he turns to the famous “blade of grass” speech in the book to explain what he’s been feeling since the attack.


Jamie decides to sleep elsewhere, but Claire slowly begins to understand him. Later that night, she finds him against for a little bit of this:


YAY! Crazy-about-each-other Jamie and Claire is our favorite ever and we were totally in love when we see Jamie tucking Claire into bed later and kissing her baby bump. But the fun is interrupted by plot, sadly, as an intruder racing across their roof just happens to be Bonnie Prince Charlie.

The prince has just escaped from the house of his lover, but he received a nasty bite in the process.


The bite, however, is from a monkey– the pet belonging to his lover. Claire only knows one person with a monkey (and a secret lover) in Paris: Louise de Rohan!

The plan is hatched. Jamie and Claire will hold a dinner party for the Prince and his patrons, bring up Louise’s pregnancy, and watch the Prince explode. His patrons will recognize that Charles isn’t quite all there and renege on their plans to back him in the war.

The day of the dinner party, Claire starts off at the hospital, where an explosion has brought in several new patients. She’s joined by Mary Hawkins, who’s trying to do more with her free time but isn’t meant for 18th century trauma centers.


When the two leave for the day with Murtagh in tow, they discover the wheel has fallen off their carriage. Desperate to get to the dinner, they begin the trek home.

Then the unthinkable happens.

Three masked men attack the group, knock out Murtagh, and begin to sexually assault Mary. they only stop (and run!) when they see Claire’s face. They cry out that she is “La Dame Blanche”– a reference book readers understand that’s never explained in the episode– and run of the hills.

When they return, the guests are inside. The only outsider to see Mary’s devastation is Alex Randall, who was in a separate room as Sandringham’s aide, not a formal guest. While Claire and Jamie rush to keep up appearances and not give away the secret that would ruin Mary’s eligibility for marriage by society’s standards, they also seethe over the surprise dinner party guest who is probably behind it all.


Still, they head downstais and act like it’s all no big deal, because any form of controversy would take the focus off Charles and Louise.


Claire is seated right next to Le Comte St Germain, who quickly notices the special necklace she’s wearing. It’s meant to detect if poison is near and leads to a quiet but meaningful exchange.


Across the table, Jamie carefully brings up Louise’s pregnancy. Charles tries to hide his shock, but his temper slowly begins to flare…

And then Mary Hawkins’ screaming starts. She’s woken up and run from Alex. The group finds them on the parlor floor, where it looks like Alex is the one ruining Mary’s virtue. Jamie steps in the defend a quiet, gentle Alex against Mary’s fiance and father. It’s an all-out brawl!


Needless to say, Charles and his patrons are gone in a flash. The plan fails.

But at least Fergus has the right idea in their absence!


Until next week!