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OUTLANDER 2.09 Recap – “Je Suis Prest”

Outlander found some creative ways to spice up what could have been a rather dull episode this week in “Je Suis Prest.” As the Scotsmen woefully prepare for battle, Claire’s backstory brings some big emotions forward and we’re introduced to a huuuuuge character for the first time on screen!

Jamie and Claire have caught up with Murtagh and the Fraser warriors at their camp. One camper in particular is especially happy to see them.


We love how effortlessly Fergus has become a surrogate son of sorts to Jamie and Claire. The relationship conveys more warmly and endearingly in the show than it did in the book.

Of course, the MacKenzie boys are there as well! …But only three of them: Dougal, Rupert, and Angus. Colum hasn’t permitted the rest of the clan to fight, but they consider themselves “true patriots” and abandoned their clan for the cause.


There’s only one of the usual group missing: Willy. The boys act solemn, as if he’s died, but then the truth comes out: Willy got married to an Irishwoman and together, they sailed off to start a life in “The New World.” Claire doesn’t object one bit to this charming revelation.


From there, the main concerns turns to the the ermmm… soldiers. We use that term loosely, because these guys are definition of “farmers with pitchforks.” About half of Lord Lovett’s men abandoned ship because they don’t believe in the war. The other half don’t know anything about war and don’t really seem interested in learning– they think they can go out there and just kill them some Redcoats.


Jamie and Murtagh take on the grueling task of training them, but they’re not super receptive at first.

One person in particular is not too impressed as they try to train these inexperienced men in the same way British troops function: Dougal. He is a war chieftain after all, and he thinks he knows the best way to go into battle.


Due to his quiet dissent, both Jamie and Claire have to put him in his place in this episode. Dougal is so used to the idea that he’s in a position of power that it’s clearly a struggle for him to accept that he’s not in charge. Still, he really wants to be in Prince Charles’ good grace, so he follows along.

In the midst of all this, Claire is having a really hard time. She’s remembering another set of young men and another war in which she played a part.


Through flashbacks, we see Claire on the old battlefield, befriending America soldiers and educating the Allied troops on medical safety in the field as a nurse. The memories bring Claire to a dark place, but we think this added some much needed extra emotion to the episode and gave Claire more depth. In the books, we often see her as hyper-efficient– she remembers all her training from the war era but doesn’t seem at all phased by participating the the most horrendous war in recent history. This backstory ties her two worlds together and shows how war affects us all.

As Jamie and Dougal join forces and their troops become truly ready for war…


… The sights and sounds of war bring Claire back to a devastating night when she was part of a Nazi attack that killed three of her companions.


There’s a sweet moment between Jamie and Claire in which she finally admits to her fears and they talk it out, but we don’t think the latter is totally assuaged by any means.

Things get even MORE interesting when Jamie’s life is threatened by a young British soldier who has snuck by his guard. YUP, YOU KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING!

Lord John Grey is here to screw with your minds and hearts! Right now, he’s here and he’s young and he just wants to kill “Red Jamie” to defend his country, but he’s here.

Jamie is just about to torture him senseless for information when Claire steps in with a clever plan: She pretends to be a British captive of the Scots, one who will sacrifice her virtue to keep John, still a teenaged boy, safe from the vile Red Jamie.

Jamie catches on and the amusing role play game works perfectly.


John spills the secrets about his camp and in return, Jamie doesn’t kill him. He agrees to leave the boy tied up not too far from his camp so his companions can find him in the morning.

This leads John Grey to an odd conclusion: He now owes Jamie a life debt.


Also, does this Lord John actor give anyone else “Sean Murray in Hocus Pocus” vibes?


With the immediate death threat sorted, the troops are ready and on their way. After a brief raid of the British troops that Jamie very much enjoys, the Scots leave at first light to meet with Bonnie Prince Charlie’s forces.


(Where they will probably meet their doom. BUT THAT’S LATER IN THE SEASON!)

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