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OUTLANDER Casts A Captain And A Controversial Character

Two new characters have been cast for OUTLANDER Season 3!

Outlander took to social media for two new casting announcements, one of which is already sparking debate among book fans.

To start, actor Charlie Hiett has been cast as Thomas Leonard, a woefully inexperienced British ship captain that Claire and Jamie meet upon their travels. Leonard doesn’t have a major part in the story line, but does throw a monkey wrench in some carefully laid plans.

Controversy comes to the show with Gary Young‘s casting as Mr. Willoughby, a Chinese expatriate who works with Jamie. Willoughby has a tough past and he shares a tenuous bond with Jamie. Given that he speaks Pidgin English, drinks uncontrollably, has strange fetishes, and is generally either aloof or angry, many fans see him as a poor stereotype. However, book purists will defend the character without fail.

We think the show will have to be very careful about how the character plays out, but hopefully they can use Willoughby’s backstory and avoid some of his more unsavory moments to enrich the story with his presence.

Outlander has yet to announce its Season 3 return date.


By Kait

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