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OUTLANDER Casts Laurence Dobiesz As Alexander Randall

OUTLANDER has found its quieter, gentler Randall brother for Season 2 in Laurence Dobiesz.

Laurence Dobiesz will have a particularly tricky role to play in OUTLANDER Season 2: His character will have the nearly impossible task of getting Jamie and Claire Fraser to trust me.

Dobiesz joins the series as Alexander Randall, a kindly, unassuming man who just so happens to be the brother of the wicked, villainous Black Jack Randall. Alexander works for the Duke of Sandringham as a chaplin.

The resemblance between the brothers is so strong in the books that many suspected actor Tobias Menzies would play both characters (along with their descendant and Claire’s 1940s husband, Frank Randall), but the show runners decided to find their Alexander elsewhere. Still, the resemblance between Laurence Dobiesz and Tobias Menzies is fairly remarkable:


Laurence Dobiesz has had roles in various films including SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS and A TESTAMENT OF YOUTH.

OUTLANDER returns to STARZ in Spring 2016.