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OUTLANDER Casts Two Big Roles In Two Different Eras

OUTLANDER adds two new faces to the Season 3 line-up!

At the end of Outlander Season 2, Claire learned that her beloved Jamie Fraser survived the Battle of Culloden. As the episode ends, Claire expresses her desperate hope to time back through the stones to Jamie.

However, according to EW, it looks like the couple is still stuck in two different centuries when Season 3 begins as the show introduces to new casting choices: One from the 18th century, one from the 20th century.

First up, John Bell will play Jamie’s scrappy nephew, young Ian Murray. Jamie and Ian Sr. were quite the handfuls as children and it seems that young Ian is very much like his uncle and father. Of course, that means he’s got lots of heart and charm under all that mischief!

Meanwhile, Wil Johnson joins Claire and Brianna in the late 60s as family friend Joe Abernathy. The character is a fellow doctor who Claire first met during medical school in the 1950s, where they bonded over being the two minorities of the group: The only African American and the only woman. On top of being a great source of humor, Joe is also Claire’s biggest confidante.

There’s no word yet on when Outlander will be returning for Season 3, but the show has already been approved for Season 4 once the third is said and done.

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