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OUTLANDER: Claire and Jamie Get An Unexpected Guest In “La Dame Blanche” Clip, Photos

Threats surround The Frasers’ home in a new clip from OUTLANDER’s “La Dame Blanche”!

Claire and Jamie Fraser are taking some risks that may not work out for them in tonight’s episode of Outlander titled “La Dame Blanche.”

After discovering that the Duke of Sandringham is one of Prince Charles’ major financial backers, the two are throwing a stately dinner party, during which they plan to sway Sandringham’s torn allegiances away from Prince Charles by exposing the many holes in his plans to rebel and re-take the throne in England. Of course, things get exponentially more complicated and quite foreboding when The Frasers come out to greet their guests and find a personal enemy among them: Le Comte St. Germain!

Add in the fact that Jamie has yet to discover that Jack Randall is still alive– which Sandringham will almost definitely reveal– and things are looking awfully messy for the fancy household gathering!

Check out several photos Starz has released for the episode:

Outlander Season 2 2016

Outlander airs “La Dame Blanche” tonight on Starz.

Official Synopsis:

“Claire and Jamie throw an elaborate dinner party intended to derail investors in Prince Charles’ war effort. Meanwhile, Claire’s revelation that Jack Randall is alive sparks Jamie in an unexpected way as he and Claire struggle to regain their physical intimacy.”