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OUTLANDER Delves Into “The Next Chapter” In New Preview

“The Next Chapter” of OUTLANDER promises a twisted race to change time!

When Outlander returns for Season 2 this spring, it will be about more than survival in a strange, unfamiliar time. As Claire Beauchamp Fraser and her husband Jamie travel to France, their new goal is to change time— more specifically, to stop the Bonnie Prince Charlie from trying to reclaim the Scottish throne in the failed Jacobite Rising, which killed thousands and crushed the Scottish Highland culture under a much harsher British rule. In a new preview titled “The Next Chapter”, we’re seeing much more of Jamie and Claire’s lascivious lives in the French royal court, but we’re also seeing the strain their secret mission has put on their marriage.

The intense fight scene weaved throughout the trailer may be a mystery to those who have not read the books, but it’s an intense peek that means a lot to fans who follow Diana Galbadon’s novels. Season 2 is looking more fascinating than ever!

Outlander is set to return to Starz in Spring 2016, though an exact release date has not been announced.


By Kait

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