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OUTLANDER (Finally!) Casts Roger Wakefield

Richard Rankin takes the OUTLANDER reigns as Roger Wakefield!

After what feels like ages of searching, Outlander has finally introduced the fine young lad who will play the beloved and pivotal Roger Wakefield!

Spoilers for Outlander Season 2!

Scottish actor Richard Rankin, who has previously starred in Burnt, The Syndicate, and The Crimson Field will play the adopted son of Reverend Wakefield, taken in by the old man after his parents were killed in World War II. We meet Roger as a rather quiet but charming Oxford University professor visiting his family before he’s caught up in the story, thanks to his propensity for Scottish history.

We met Roger as a boy in Season 1, but thanks to an upcoming time jump, we’ll see that he’s become quite the man and a perfect match for another new character who has yet to be cast: Brianna.

Rankin doesn’t have a particularly long resume, but the Outlander team made it clear that they were taking the casting process slowly to find the best possible actors for the new roles. It looks like they found ’em!

Richard Rankin took to Twitter to share the love with the fans.

And of course, comment on the totally overwhelming nature of fan response in a very Outlander fashion!

“Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!”

Outlander returns to Starz in Spring 2016.

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