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OUTLANDER Follows Claire’s Journey In Season 3 Featurette

Claire finds a new path in OUTLANDER Season 3 sneak peek!

We’re only three days away from the Season 3 premiere of Outlander and the show is teasing Claire’s life post-Jamie in the new featurette shown above!

The featurette focuses on Claire’s life after she walks back through the stones and away from Jamie. She tries to carry on a normal life and find a new start with Frank, but Claire continues to push the boundaries of society. Despite Frank’s concerns, she studies and becomes a surgeon, making a dear friend in Joe Abernathy along the way. It’s rare to see a mother who’s also a working professional in this time period, but Claire Randall Fraser is taking on the challenge.

On top of her determination and zeal, Claire’s sense of style is also to die for!

We’ll find out more about what’s happening to Claire and Jamie in their 20 years apart when Outlander Season 3 premieres on September 10, 2017.