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Everyone’s On A Mission In OUTLANDER’s “If Not For Hope” Trailer

Lord John Grey and Stephen Bonnet return in the latest OUTLANDER preview!

Outlander‘s tenth episode uncovered a slew of wrongdoings and injustices in the lives of The Frasers and in its wake, everyone is busy trying to make things right… in their own way.

In short, everyone is on a mission in Episode 11, “If Not For Hope”.

The episode trailer starts with Jamie, Claire, and Ian on their mission to retrieve Roger from the Mohawk after Jamie and Ian beat him and sold him to the tribe thinking that he was Brianna’s rapist. We don’t see much of this teased here, but there’s plenty of story to come.

Meanwhile at River Run, Aunt Jocasta is trying her best to wed Brianna off to an eligible suitor before her baby comes, despite knowing that Bree is hoping for Roger’s return. Among the suitors are Gerald Forbes, a Cross Creek lawyer played by Lord of the Rings’ Billy Boyd, and the one and only Lord John Grey, who seems pretty surprised to be connected to the Fraser family once again. However, Brianna is trying her hardest not to fall into Jocasta’s marriage plot.

Back in Wilmington, Murtagh is enlisting Fergus for a dark plot: They are to capture Stephen Bonnet and bring him to Fraser’s Ridge in secret so Jamie (or perhaps Brianna) can kill him.

Acutely missing from the preview is Roger, who may or may not have traveled back to the future after escaping the Mohawk and stumbling upon a stone circle somewhere between North Carolina and New York.

Watch the episode trailer at the top of the post. “If Not For Hope” airs Sunday, January 13th at 8pm EST on STARZ.

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