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OUTLANDER Season 5, Episode 11 “Journeycake” Promo

If you thought that all was well for the Frasers and Mackenzies after the very satisfying ending to Episode 10, think again.

A new trouble has arrived at The Ridge in Episode 11, called “Journeycake,” as Ulysses is forced to flee from River Run and Lord John Grey returns with tales of ill will and violent attacks in the American colonies. We soon see some definite issues as an apparent redcoat walks straight into Jamie and Claire’s home and stabs someone. It looks like Jamie but honestly, the shot is too quick to tell with any certainty.

For the first time in the show’s run, it’s dipping straight into plot lines from a non-matching book in the series. Having run through most major sequences in Book 5, which is not particularly plot-rich, the show started delving into Book 6, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, in earnest with Episode 10.

While we’re a bit sad that this means Brianna and Bonnet’s multiple confrontations were essentially whittled down to one and we never see Brianna shoot his crown jewels like she does in the book, it’s a smart choice overall.

Watch the promo at the top of the post to see what’s on the way.

“Journeycake” airs Sunday, May 3 on Starz.

By Kait

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