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OUTLANDER Faces “Monsters and Heroes” In Season 5, Episode 9 Promo

Episode 8 of Outlander may have ended on a comforting note, but trouble is starting up again at the Ridge in Season 5, Episode 9 “Monsters and Heroes.”

The promo for the episode shows Stephen Bonnet re-entering everyone’s consciousness as Jamie and Roger discuss a plan to kill him to protect Brianna and Jem. As this happens, Jamie definitely isn’t looking so hot. How’s that penicillin coming along, Claire?

On top of worrying about Jamie, Claire and Brianna are physically facing down some trouble on the Ridge. Is it Bonnet?!

Watch the preview at the top of the post.

We’ll see it all play out when Outlander‘s next episode airs on Sunday, April 19th.

By Kait

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