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OUTLANDER Preview, Stills, and Clip for Episode 1.12, “Lallybroch”

Claire is introduced to Jamie’s home and family at Lallybroch in the next episode of OUTLANDER!

After Jamie’s daring rescue at the witchcraft trial, the truth finally coming out about Claire’s journey through time, and a palpable moment in which Claire had to make a final decision between Jamie and Frank, we’re off to Lallybroch!

Jamie is finally returning home to claim his rightful place as laird of Broch Tuarach aka Lallybroch, the Fraser Clan estate. But returning isn’t easy for Jamie. With a new bride at his side and a price on his head, he must face down the clansmen and immediately family he left behind following his imprisonment and escape.

In a new clip from Saturday’s episode, Jamie explains why he’s most hesitant to return: He’ll have to face his sister, Jenny, who was reportedly brutally abused and shamed by the British soliders, Black Jack Randall in particular, following his arrest when they last saw each other.

This episode may not be the most action-packed so far this season, but it will do a great job diving into Jamie’s troubled but fascinating background! We can’t wait to see Laura Donnelly take on Jamie’s spitfire sister, Jenny!

Check out five new stills from the episode:

Additionally, Starz is celebrating last week’s witchcraft-centric episode with a new featurette all about the different ways superstition and folklore play into the culture of OUTLANDER:

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