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OUTLANDER Season 2 Casts Mary Hawkins And Bonnie Prince Charlie

Mary Hawkins and Prince Charles Edward Stuart aka Bonnie Prince Charlie have been cast for OUTLANDER Season 2!

We’ll be seeing lots and lots of new characters as OUTLANDER changes location from Scotland to France for its second season. The actors portraying two of those newbies, Mary Hawkins and Prince Charles Edward Stuart, were just announced!

Entertainment Weekly exclusively learned that Rosie Day (HOMEFRONT, ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME) will play Mary Hawkins, the shy, stammering teen daughter of a minor baronet and the niece of Silas Hawkins, a member of the British nobility. Mary comes to France as part of a very political power play involving her arranged marriage and befriends Claire during the journey.

Another important piece of the puzzle has also come into play! Andrew Gower joined the cast as Prince Charles Edward Stuart, better known as The Young Pretender or Bonnie Prince Charlie. The historical figure sought to win his “rightful” title as King of Scotland back from the British, the impetus behind the failed Jacobite Rising that destroyed Highland culture and cemented British rule. At the end of Season 1, Jamie and Claire Fraser plot to stop Prince Charles from ever rallying his troops, therefore stopping the deaths of Jamie’s beloved clansmen at the Battle of Culloden.

OUTLANDER will return for its second season in Spring 2016.

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