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OUTLANDER Season 2 Casts New Fraser And Another Rival

OUTLANDER announces the actors who will bring Jared Fraser and Le Comte St. Germain to the screen!

Season 1 of OUTLANDER may have just ended May 30th, but Season 2 filming is well underway! We know that plenty of new cast members will be getting involved as Claire and Jamie make their way to France and now we’re starting to get news!

Robert Cavanah (SAHARA, LAURA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER) will join the show as Jamie’s cousin, Jared Fraser, who runs a wine business in France and helps Claire and Jamie transition into the country. Meanwhile, French actor Stanley Weber has signed on to play Le Comte St. Germain, who becomes a bitter rival of the family after the Frasers strike a major blow to his competing business.

The rivalry between the Frasers and the Comte is mostly dark but somewhat humorous at one point, so we can’t wait to see how to plays out on the screen!

Fans are still eagerly awaiting casting announcements for future characters Brianna Fraser and Roger Wakefield, but they aren’t likely to come for some time given that the cast and crew seem to be focused on scenes set in the 1740s for the time being.

OUTLANDER is set to return in Spring 2016.

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