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Watch OUTLANDER Season 5’s Opening Scenes

There are lot of (surrogate) father-son moments happening in the opening sequence for Outlander Season 5!

Starz previewed the first 4 minutes of the series on Sunday, hyping fans up for the early 2020 premiere.

The preview featured two scenes: The first shows a young Jamie Fraser sitting outside on a log when he’s approached by Murtagh. The older man tells Jamie that his mother has died, but that he swore an oath to him as his godfather. Murtagh wants Jamie to know that he may not have his mother anymore, but he’ll always be there for the boy.

The next scene flashes forward to the current story timeline, where Roger is struggling to shave with a cutthroat razor. After one nasty knick, his father-in-law Jamie takes over, leading to a rather uncomfortable situation as the two discuss Roger’s useful skills (or lack thereof,) the cabin, Brianna, and a “big day” ahead while Jamie repeatedly grazes a sharp razor across Roger’s throat. We can assume they’re discussing Roger and Brianna’s official wedding, but the word itself is never spoken.

Watch the opening at the top of the page.

Outlander Season 5 premieres on Starz on February 16, 2019.

By Kait

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