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OUTLANDER Teases Major Season 3 Moment In New Photo

Jamie takes on a whole new look in a new OUTLANDER still!

WARNING: Minor spoilers for Outlander Season 3. Major spoilers featured below the image.

Outlander isn’t having its big San Diego Comic-Con celebration until tomorrow, but the show already released the first Season 3 trailer and is now focusing in on a major upcoming moment with help from EW.

The show released a photo that calls back to a very difficult time for Jamie Fraser, shortly after the Battle of Culloden and his separation from Claire, which actor Sam Heughan talked about with the publication.

“He didn’t expect to live. He went into the battle to die. He goes on a big journey from realizing that he’s still alive to finding a balance in staying alive to finding out who he is without Claire.”

But Jamie indeed lives, leading to this moment. We won’t spoil it for non-book readers, but we think those who are familiar with Voyager, the book on which this season is based, will certainly recognize this scene.

Wow, Jamie is definitely looking a bit… different! And even in his distressed state, it’s good to see a little more of young Fergus (Romann Berrux) before he’s lost to the timeline leap.

We’ll see more when Outlander Season 3 comes to STARZ beginning on September 10, 2017.

If you’re interested, we’ll also refresh your memory regarding this scene, if you’ve read the book and forgotten.

SPOILERS BELOW! Do not read unless you want to be spoiled!






This photo is the end result of the “Leap O’ The Cask” scene in which Jamie’s hiding in the caves just outside of Lallybroch for years after the Battle of Culloden, avoiding arrest for treason. When young Fergus tries to bring him a cask of ale, he’s almost caught by British soldiers. Taunting and refusing to cooperate with the soldiers to ensure Jamie’s hiding place, Fergus ends up getting his hand chopped off.