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OUTLANDER’s “Untimely Resurrection” Brings Back An Old Enemy In Promo, Photos

A devastating OUTLANDER return tests Jamie and Claire in “Untimely Resurrection”!

Claire and Jamie Fraser’s scandalous Parisian dinner party may have caused some trouble, but it seems the two are reunited in their mission to stop Princes Charles’ rebellion that will decimate Scotland and the Highlander culture. But in the next episode, Untimely Resurrection,” Claire and Jamie’s bond will be tested anew when a devious enemy comes to Paris: Black Jack Randall.

Claire realizes that Jack must live long enough to have a child with Mary Hawkins or her first husband, Frank will never be born (which could create a nasty time paradox for her,) but Jamie is only interested in slaughtering the man who viciously abused him and destroyed his sense of well-being.

Check out the preview for the episode, in which the debate alone promises huge implications for the story.

It seems Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are giving their strongest performances so far this season in the episode, so we can’t wait to watch!

STARZ also released some great photos from the episode:

Outlander Season 2 2016

“Untimely Resurrection” airs Saturday, May 7, 2016 on STARZ.

Official Synopsis:

“Reunited, Jamie and Claire attempt to extinguish the fires their dinner party ignited; however, Claire is set off on an unexpected change of course. Jamie and Claire’s relationship is put to the ultimate test when the past rears its ugly head.”